About Coles Group

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The Coles way 

We’re defined by a shared vision, purpose and strategy. One that's behind every business decision, big and small. At the core of every conversation. And brought to life in the culture we've created for our customers and our team members who serve them.  
Collectively, our vision, purpose and strategy are the principles that guide us, inspire us and help us to reach and exceed our goals, together. 

Our vision is to become the most trusted retailer in Australia and grow long-term shareholder value.

Our purpose is to sustainably help all Australians lead healthier, happier lives.
Our strategy is all about changing at pace, efficiency and innovating for the future, outlining how we will deliver for our customers and teams.

Our strategy for success

To help us achieve our vision and truly live our purpose, we’ve outlined what we need to do and how we need to do it with a clear and concise strategy. By sharing that strategy with every team member, at every level of our business, we can make sure we're here for another century, creating jobs, supporting our suppliers, and making a positive difference in our local communities.
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Smarter selling 

through efficiency and innovation.

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Inspiring customers

through best value solutions in food, drink and home.

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Winning together 

with our team, suppliers and communities.

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The values we live by 

Today, our more than 120,000 team members make a difference to the millions of customers who shop with us each week. That’s a lot of responsibility. So, we’ve created four values that help guide the day-to-day decisions and actions of all our team members. 
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We constantly seek to better understand our diverse customer base and better how we serve them. 
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We respond to every challenge with enthusiasm, energy and at pace because that’s when we’re at our best. 
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We always strive to do the right thing, reduce waste, and take accountability for our actions. 
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We believe that caring about our team members helps them to do a great job in caring for our customers, suppliers, and the community. 

The LEaD behaviours we share 

Despite being a very diverse bunch, our team members are connected and driven by three common LEaD behaviours – and it’s those behaviours that challenge them, and us, to always be at our best. 

Look ahead

This behaviour is all about being more future focused: it challenges us to know the landscape, be less reactive and communicate our vision clearly.

Energise everyone

This behaviour is about bringing people on the journey: it challenges us to collaborate across the business, support and empower each other, and take time to celebrate the wins along the way. 

Deliver with pride

This behaviour is all about execution: it challenges us to be accountable and hold each other to account, as well as to stick with the plan and have fun while we’re at it. 

Our Brands

Our business is made up of a number of different brands, each delivering an exceptional service to customers and communities across Australia. Which means, whatever opportunity you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find something for you at Coles Group. 

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Life at Coles 

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Diversity and inclusion 
We’re all different, and proud to be. Because we know our differences set us apart – and can also bring us together.
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Learning and development 
Learning and development opportunities are always open to you.
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Rewards and benefits 
We ask our team members to give it their best, so it’s only right that we do the same when it comes to their benefits. 
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Community and sustainability 
We’re making progress when it comes to finding ways to sustainably feed more Australians – and in other areas too.

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