Customer service agent driving a truck

Customer Service Agent
​​​​​​​(Delivery Driver)

Coles delivery van

What does a Customer Service Agent do?

As a Customer Service Agent for Coles Online, you’ll play an essential part in making a difference to your community. Driving a Coles van, you’ll safely navigate your local neighbourhoods to deliver online shopping to our customer’s homes during the day or night. You’ll also help with picking and packing orders to the highest standard, ready for delivery. 

A day in the life

Learn what being a Customer Service Agent (Delivery Driver) is really like

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Hear from some of the team

"You're a part of something great, you're helping everyday Aussies save on everyday items. You're also a part of a family of employees, your family away from your own."
Iain Meyer - Customer Service Agent (Delivery Driver)
Iain Meyer

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Two Coles Customer Service Agents unloading groceries from a van
We use the Expression of Interest as a way of recruiting new Customer Service Agents. Candidates simply submit their details to be considered for jobs.

If we have no specific jobs advertising in the location you're interested in working, you should submit an  Expression of Interest, which contains information about you, your job preferences, and your availability. You’ll then be added to our candidate pool, where you’ll be considered for opportunities and contacted when a job you’re matched to becomes available. No more scrolling our Coles Careers website regularly to check for new jobs – we’ll match the right job to you! ​​​​​​​