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As the way we shop continues to evolve, our Digital team keeps us at the cutting edge. Driven by our innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking culture, we’re constantly looking at ways to create differentiated, omni-channel experiences for our customers and build the next generation of digital retailing. 

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Stefan Rodicks
“The team’s amazing. There’s a great sense of humour. Everyone loves working with each other. But it also feels like we’re at the start of something. We’re building something. There’s something about that feeling of hustle that I really enjoy.”
Stefan Rodicks - Digital Optimisation Specialist
Ben Kneebone
“I think the best thing about working here is being able to point to the things you’ve done that are actually improving the lives of millions of Australians.”
Ben Kneebone - Senior Product Designer
Sheena Saigal
“We’re in a customer obsessed digital transformation. That was my biggest attraction to be a part of this team. Everything we do is customer centric. It has immense growth opportunities.
Sheena Saigal - Delivery Manager

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