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Learning and development

Own your
​​​​​​learning journey  

We have a strong appetite for learning. No matter where you start within our diverse business, you’ll have experiences, exposure, and education to satisfy you.

From day one, we give you the tools you’ll need for your own learning journey; allowing you to discover and explore a variety of career development programs and job-specific training, from trade skills to leadership capability.
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Discover, Design and Develop    

By following the Coles Learning Framework, you will have access to everything you need to Know, Do and Be at Coles. 


Discover everything that's on the Learning and Development menu by exploring our Coles Learning Hub. Accessible at any time on any device, this digital platform serves up a blend of online, virtual, micro and face-to-face training, ready for you to take a bite.


Design a learner journey that is just for you! Supported by your line manager, you'll select from a range of experiences, exposure and education opportunities that will satisfy and excite your learning taste buds.


Develop and grow your career by having a constant hunger for learning. As part of our continuous learning culture, we encourage you to be self-directed in your development by continually adding new experiences and learning moments to your learning journey. Your commitment to your own development will enable you to be successful in your role and career at Coles, wherever it may take you.
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We're committed to developing rich, functional expertise through our Academies. We have core and advanced modules that leverage the best of internal knowledge combined with external global best practice, such as partnership to offer a mini MBA in Strategic Category Management with Deakin University through our Business Unit Academy.
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Scholarships and accreditations

We're dedicated to providing our team members with opportunities to achieve externally recognised accreditations. From our partnership with Coursera in which we fund 1,000 scholarships a year to our Operational Excellence Diploma, functional Mini MBAs and our apprenticeship programs, there is plenty for you to sink your teeth into.
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Operational leadership

We support Supermarket, Supply Chain, and Liquor team members achieve their leadership aspirations through our Operational Leadership talent pathway. Participants develop towards their new role through a blend of hands-on coaching, online activities, a leadership workshop, and on-job tasks and assessments where they put all their learning into practice.
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Experience, exposure, and education    

Learning happens in several ways and through different mediums and channels; it isn’t limited to a formal workshop. We learn by reading or observing. We also learn through our peers and leaders via feedback. Finally, we learn best by practising and having a go! 

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About​​​​​​​ Coles Group
We’re finding more ways to sustainably feed millions of Australians and helping them to lead healthier, happier lives.
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Diversity and inclusion
We’re all different, and proud to be. Because we know our differences set us apart – and can also bring us together.
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Rewards and benefits
We ask our team members to give it their best, so it’s only right that we do the same when it comes to their benefits.
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Community and sustainability
We’re making progress when it comes to finding ways to sustainably feed more Australians – and in other areas too.

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