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Our recruitment process

What to expect

We like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to recruitment. Generally, you’ll go through one of our three recruitment processes. These can sometimes differ due to the specific requirements of the role you’re applying for but rest assured, we’ll always give you lots of time to prepare.
Coles team member talking to a customer

Retail Team Members​​

Roles include: Store Team Members, Cleaner & Trolley Collectors, Customer Service Agents (Delivery Drivers).

  1. Submit your Expression of Interest
    Submit a single Expression of Interest, or apply to a specific job to be added to our candidate pool.
  2. Matched to Job
    When a job is posted that matches your profile, you'll be invited to apply.
  3. Interview
    If shortlisted, you will be invited to an onsite group interview with up to 3 other candidates.
  4. Working Rights Check
    We will verify your working rights documents, as well as driving and police checks for CSA roles.
  5. Outcome
    You'll either be offered a role, or put back into our candidate pool for the next opportunity.
Coles retail leader helping a team member

Retail Leadership​​​​​​​

Roles include: Bakers, Distribution Centre Leaders, Department & Team Managers, Store & Site Managers, Multi Site & Regional Managers.

  1. Submit your Application
    Search for roles and submit your application online.
  2. Phone Screening
    You'll be asked a few questions regarding your experience and approach to determine your suitability.
  3. Interview
    We'll be in contact to arrange an interview with the relevant managers. This could be face-to-face or via video.
  4. Working Rights Check
    We will verify your working rights documents and complete a basic employment verification check.
  5. Welcome to the Coles Family!
    Your line manager will be in touch with you to discuss arrangements for your first day.
Coles team member in a corporates office


All other corporate roles at our Store Support Centre.

  1. Submit your Application
    Search and apply for an online application.
  2. Phone Screening
    We will set up a time to discuss the position and your suitability.
  3. 1st Interview
    You'll meet some of the team and learn more about the role and life at Coles.
  4. Assessment Task
    Depending on the position you may be required to complete an assessment task.
  5. 2nd Interview
    You'll meet additional leaders or key stakeholders and ask any final questions.
  6. Verbal Offer & Working Rights Check
    These include, working rights, criminal history, and employment verification.
  7. Formal Offer & Onboarding
    Once you have received and signed your contract you'll be required to complete your onboarding activities.
  8. Welcome to the Coles Family!
    Your line manager will be in touch with you to discuss arrangements for your first day.
A Coles team member with a disability working at a Coles Liquor store

Need a recruitment adjustment?

We’re here to support you by ensuring candidates with disability are offered an accessible, equitable and supportive recruitment experience. To learn about the assistance we can offer during the recruitment process, your potential work environment, access features of a location, or if you require alternative formats to our process, you can email

If  you identify as a person with disability and your preferred method of communication is via phone, please call Customer Care on 1800 061 562. The Customer Care team will take your details and arrange for a return call from a member of the Coles Inclusive Recruitment team. 

Looking to join our store team?

At Coles, we use the Expression of Interest as a way of recruiting new Team Members. Candidates simply submit their details to be considered for roles in our stores, which gives everyone a simple and efficient recruitment experience. 

Less ads for Store Team Member jobs 

You may have noticed that there aren’t as many Store Team Member jobs posted on our Coles Careers website as you’d expect when you search for jobs. That’s because we hire Store Team Members from our candidate pool that’s created from the Expression of Interest.  

What's an Expression of Interest?

If we have no specific jobs advertising in the location you are interested in working, you’ll be able to submit an Expression of Interest, which contains information about you, your job preferences, and your availability. You’ll then be added to our candidate pool, where you’ll be considered for opportunities and contacted when a job you’re matched to becomes available. No more scrolling our Coles Careers website regularly to check for new jobs – we’ll match the right job to you! 

Improving your "matchability"

Our system matches candidates based on suitability for a specific job. To maximise your chances of being matched, we suggest when completing the Expression of Interest, you consider each question carefully and include the broadest preferences based on what is relevant for you.  
Coles services cleaner in a supermarket

Preparing for success

Every year, we receive thousands of applications for roles across all our brands. Whether it’s at Coles or not, we want you to be successful at landing your next role, so we’ve created some resources to help you prepare, feel confident and put your best self forward.  

Hear from some of the team

Iain Meyer
"You're a part of something great, you're helping everyday Aussies save on everyday items. You're also a part of a great family of employees, your family away from your own."
Iain Meyer Customer Service Agent (Delivery Driver)
Lily Molnar
“I love the flexibility that comes with working at Coles - it gives me the ability to continue my studies.”
Lily Molnar Supermarkets Team Member
Melissa Robertshaw
"I have been very fortunate, alongside many of my colleagues from Coles to have had the opportunity to change our thinking and ways of working around flexible working."
Melissa Robertshaw Head of Store Customer Platforms
Wyran Viloria
"I love the flexibility of work given by Coles. As a father of two kids, my work schedule lets me take care of my kids during school days."
Wryan Viloria Coles Services Trolley Collection Truck Driver
Kimberly Craig
"Coles Liquor rewards and recognises you for your hard work, they provide a great work life balance and the leadership team are very approachable and accessible when needed."
Kimberly Craig Store Manager
David Tay
"I love that I can provide relevant reporting and actionable insights to stakeholders. I am truly proud to be part of an organisation like Coles that has such a great impact on the Aussie community."
David Tay Reporting Analyst

Missed out this time?  

Don’t worry. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your application, it might just be that it wasn’t quite the right opportunity this time round. Remember, we’re a big company so you never know what might come up next, and we’ll keep your profile information on file to make sure you’re the first to know when something does. 

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