Rewards and benefits

Not only is Coles Group a great place to work, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive benefits and programs that support, reward and inspire team members. 

Paid parental

We’re proud to support working families to build great careers by offering up to 12 weeks of paid Parental Leave for eligible primary care givers and two weeks paid Parental Leave for eligible secondary care givers.

Discounts & benefits

As a Coles Group team member, you’ll receive discounts across all of our internal brands – Coles, Coles Express, Coles Liquor and Coles Online. We also offer generous product and service discounts courtesy of our partners.

Flexible working options

We know that work is only one part of your life, so we actively encourage a positive work-life balance and provide truly flexible working options to help you achieve it.

Team member share plan

Own your own piece of the Coles Group. Our annual team member share plan offer allows you to make regular salary sacrifice deductions to purchase Coles Group shares. 

Recognition and Celebration 

The big stuff, the small stuff and everything in between! We encourage a strong culture of recognition where team members frequently give and receive recognition. We have a number of recognition programs that celebrate our team members and ensure they feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.
Appreciate a mate

Appreciate a mate

A personalised thank you designed to be used on an everyday basis. Appreciate a Mate thank you cards encourage on-the -spot feedback and can be given by anyone to anyone. 

Two coles team members in a supermarket

Winning together

A shared celebration of team members who champion our Coles values and behaviours. Recognition is provided by managers to team members weekly and involves a personalised thank you card together with a gift card. 

Four Coles team member sitting at a table

Good things awards

Puts team members at the forefront for taking action that aligns with our Coles values and behaviours. Team members are recognised monthly and could roll up to be quarterly and annual winners with fantastic prizes available. 

Teams and Leaders across our brands could also be celebrated at one of our epic ‘Of The Year’ events where we award prizes such as holidays, mementoes, international study tours and more!      
Coles team member with 10 year loyalty award

Loyal service awards

Acknowledges and celebrates the commitment and dedication of our long serving team members. You’ll receive a personalised name badge with your years of service to mark milestone anniversaries, a personalised gift and time to celebrate with your team. We also hold an annual luncheon for our team members celebrating milestone anniversaries.​​​​​​​

Life at Coles 

Coles corporate office
About Coles Group
We’re finding more ways to sustainably feed millions of Australians and helping them to lead healthier, happier lives.
Three coles team members in rainbow outfits
Diversity and inclusion
We’re all different, and proud to be. Because we know our differences set us apart – and can also bring us together. 
Four coles team members at a desk in a corporate office
Learning and development 
Learning and development opportunities are always open to you.
Coles team members with the Coles sustainability logo
Community and sustainability 
We’re making progress when it comes to finding ways to sustainably feed more Australians – and in other areas too.

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